september 11

  • Thanksgiving is an American holiday. It is the American holiday, the national holiday of American-ness. It is the holiday that marks belonging to the Corpus Americani.
    It is, moreover, unique to the United State of America.
    Notably, Thanksgiving is a National holiday, one in which a transfer takes place: from the public arena to the private sphere. For the main ritual the celebratory meal of roasted turkey is done not in the public space, but in the warm embrace of family, in the Home. It is celebrated mainly in the familial circle, around the family table. One’s belonging to the body of the Nation, to the political body, is manifested in the a-political body of the Family. The imagined national genealogy is transferred into the biological genealogy of the Family.
    What is the nature of this transference? For the holiday table is not the Table of the Lord, but merely the Table of the Nation. The body of the sovereign is passed into the familial body.
    But how is this passage from one to another effected?
    How does the holiday transfer from the Public to the Private?
    From the Nation to the Family? From narrative to practice? From myth to ritual and vice versa?
    In other words: how does the Corpus Americani transubstantiate, became flesh and blood?