• a note on the film “Chicken Run” (2000)
    The western world had through the second part of the 20th century shifted from Death to Extermination.
    In this period the extermination camps became the absolute reference of Evil. When extermination becomes part of our daily life or at least its background, one is not surprised to see that it is transformed into myth and legends.
    From the documentary films made in the liberation of the camps, paying by half documentary film, as Nuit et brouillard [Night and Fog] (1955) of Alain Resnais, into sublimated films like, and Claude Lanzmann’s Shoah (1985). Later one we passed to a more consummate film like Schindler's List (1993), and to a fantastic films like La vita è bella (1997) of Roberto Benigni. Chicken Run (2000) is the next stage where the Extermination Camp becomes a fable...